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April 12th, 2007


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I’m Back!

April 12th, 2007

Sorry, I was away for a little while. Over in another place where I didn’t get a chance to update but i’m back!

My Neighbor Totoro

February 26th, 2007


Totoro is a forest spirit that little Mei, and later her older sister Satsuki, encounter in a giant camphor tree near their new home in the countryside. Although their father, a university professor, is with them when they move, their mother is in the hospital, recovering from an unnamed illness. When Mei hears that her mother’s condition may be worsening, she resolves to visit her all by herself. When everyone realizes she’s missing, only Totoro knows how to find her.

My Neighbor Totoro is an absolutely wonderful story, crafted by one of the best animation directors alive today. Those who are familiar with Miyazaki’s other children’s tales like Spirited Away and Kiki’s Delivery Service already know that Miyazaki is capable of constructing stories that cross all boundaries, regardless of the age or culture of the viewer, Miyazaki’s stories warm the heart and feed the mind; Totoro is no different.

Although essentially a movie for children, My Neighbour Totoro is so excellently crafted that any adult who has ever enjoyed a classic children’s story will surely enjoy this feature.

My Neighbour Totoro takes us to a place where there is no evil. Like many of Miyazaki’s movies, Totoro makes do without an antagonist whatsoever. Rather than being a movie about conflict, it is a story about a wonderful, magical episode in the lives of two young children. This sweet, simple and innocent tale is a wonderful exception in today’s bleak world. Children will love the fun story, and adults will be enchanted by a simplicity that has probably escaped their day-to-day lives.

Simple is also an adequate way of describing the art and animation found in this feature, and once again, simple is best. The lack of realistic details enhances the film’s feeling, as simple yet careful lines are blended with rich colors to provide an overall visual warmth that sets the mood perfectly for the story.

Of course, all the faithfulness in the world isn’t worth much if the actual quality of the English dub was sub-standard. Once again however, there is no need to fear, My Neighbor Totoro’s English dub is extremely well produced. Lisa Michaelson, an otherwise unknown voice actress, is an excellent Satsuki and she is joined by a veteran Cheryl Chase who brings youthful exuberance to the young Mei. These two actresses are supported by an excellent cast and given superb direction, making the English dub of Totoro a truly worthy adaptation of one of the best children’s movies of all times.

The Head - Front On View

February 19th, 2007

The first tutorial I’m doing is the front on view. Its the most fundamental to draw manga. Once you master this technique it’ll be easy to draw faces in any position.
So lets rock.

First draw a circle. Circles are the center of all manga drawing.

Next draw a line down the middle of the circle, make sure it comes off the end, because this is where our jaw lies. Next draw two horizontal lines, one through the middle, and the next at the bottom of the circle.

Next draw your jaw. It should go from where the upper horizontal line meets the side of the circle to the lower line, then curve then to hit the vertical line. Depending on the jaw, draw a horizontal line through the bottom of the drawing. Higher to make the jaw larger, and lower to shrink it.

Make yourself some hair, draw eyebrows, eyes, a nose, ears, mouth and a neck. Then ink the edges and after waiting for the ink to dry, erase the lines.


Ninja Scroll

February 10th, 2007


This anime is about Jubei, a ninja without a master. His master was killed and he avenged him so his duty is done. But the man he killed has lived despite being decapitated, due to his ability to heal and reattach his limbs. Jubei meets up with Kagero another ninja who is poisones, and also with an old funny man with power yet to be understood. Jubei must stop a shipment of gold that will buy armaments for an army tobring about the dark shogun. He has to fight seven warriors of his enemy with differnet powers. One made of rock impenetrable to most weapons, one whos tattoos come alive, another who is blind but can hear the movement and placement of a sword, one who controls bees, one who can control electricity, who who can shoot gun powder causing many explosions, and one who moves in the shadows ready to attack with no sound. The fight scenes are amazing with a vivid story line, and a must for anime lovers.

Cowboy Bebop Movie

February 8th, 2007

The Cowboy Bebop Movie is everything that a fan of the original series could possibly want. Everything about the TV show that made it so great is there, but in a true big screen experience. Watch it in the theater if you get a chance- or watch it at home once it comes out, but make sure to watch it. You won’t be sorry.


The plot takes full advantage of the added length of a full scale movie; it’s not just a fluffed up TV episode. The action starts when Faye, chasing a bounty, become the only surviving witness to a bioterror attack. The perpetrator promptly winds up with a record bounty on his head and the crew of the Bebop on his tail. Of course it couldn’t possibly be that simple, so there’s plenty of other excitement to keep the story interesting. Along the way there are opportunities for some great fight scenes- both hand to hand and aerial- massive collateral damage, guest appearances by favorites from the show, and plenty of the TV series’s trademark humor.


Of course the movie is technically outstanding. It keeps the designs from the TV show, but just about everything else is a step up. The animation is simply superb, always smooth and with added detail that wouldn’t be worth the effort on video. The sound is as great as expected, with the same great cast (although I admit that I’ve only watched the movie with subtitles), outstanding effects, and a whole movie’s worth of new music by Yoko Kanno.